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Does anger control you?
Is your marriage or relationship about to break up?
Do you harm your loved ones and feel sad and guilty?
Do you blow up for unimportant things?
Are you a good person, but your outbursts ruin everything?

I Can Help You To Resolve
Explosive Anger For Good In 5 Sessions

This Is How I Can Resolve Your Anger

I can help you resolve explosive anger for good with a successful therapy based on recent neuroscience discoveries.


This therapy works on the reptilian brain, which triggers your automatic anger patterns.


I work with a unique protocol tailored to your specific type of anger. I will use it to replace your explosive anger with a positive response that fits your personality.


After we complete the therapy, you will feel the energy of anger but will not react aggressively anymore. Instead, you will respond in a positive way that suits your character.


This therapy goes beyond anger management. It does not require medication or learning new skills, control, relaxation, meditation, or breathing exercises. I do all the work, actualizing your anger patterns.


It is a customized process for each individual and type of anger. It takes place over 5 one-hour weekly sessions that I do online. It works for people who suppress anger and those who express it aggressively.


Suppose you realize there are other aspects or issues you would like to address while doing the anger therapy. In that case, I can work with you to resolve them in separate sessions.

Anger Management vs. Anger Therapy

Anger Management

Anger Management programs rely on learning new behaviors and skills and gradually re-training the thought processes through practice.

Breathing exercises, counting to ten, leaving the room, meditation, journaling, etc., are ineffective at resolving anger. Anger management is a slow process that requires constant practice, positive reinforcement and is prone to recidivism.

Trying to control the overwhelming power of explosive anger is extremely challenging and unlikely to happen.


Anger Therapy

Anger therapy consists of a specific protocol tailored to each client’s personality to resolve anger. At the end of the treatment, you will feel the energy of anger but will be able to choose the most appropriate response.

You will no longer react to the triggers that activate your rage. You will regain peace and will be able to rebuild your relationships.

This anger therapy is elegantly simple, surprisingly short (5 sessions), highly effective, and long-lasting. It is effective for people who express their anger openly and those who suppress it.

BenefitsAnger Therapy With Luis NavarroAnger Management
Resolve explosive angerYESRarely
No relapse after therapyYESOften
Resolve triggersYESSometimes
I do the workYESNO
Replace anger patternsYESNO
You chose how to respond when angryYESSometimes
No need to do something to control angerYESNO

What Is Explosive Anger?

Explosive anger is an emotion that has helped to keep humans alive since the beginning of humankind. It is an instantaneous reaction to face a survival threat and attack.


For this reason, explosive anger is the most potent energy you feel in your body. It is so powerful and fast that it controls you, bypassing your rational mind. Your body is filled with adrenaline and cortisol to react immediately to an attack. Nowadays, it is primarily a “perceived” attack rather than a real threat.

Your brain is like an almost empty hard disk when you are born. It is driven by the instinct to survive; its first task is to keep you alive.


It stores your experiences and the best reactions to stay alive that become automatic responses (patterns). Your reptilian brain doesn’t discriminate between good and bad, just your survival.


From the age of 7 to 9, these automatic responses rule most of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Whenever your instinctive brain perceives a threat, it reacts with anger. To feel attacked is a unique perception based on your childhood experiences, making triggers very subjective, such as:


  • Families where abuse, arguments, screams, etc., were present.
  • Childhood emotional needs such as love, protection, validation, attention, or support are unmet.
  • Sustained stress, anxiety, and frustration.
  • A combination of any of the above.
  • Sometimes there is no apparent cause.

Unchecked explosive anger can result in losing a partner, spouse, or family. In the workplace, you risk losing your job, promotion, or the respect of your peers.


This response is unpredictable and often happens for ordinary, unimportant things. Explosive anger occurs because the body has been holding the energy of anger for a period that depends on each one’s capacity to repress it. No one succeeds in suppressing anger; you will blow up sooner or later.

Don't Take My Word For It

Hear from others who have resolved their explosive anger forever.








I'm Luis Navarro
Psychotherapist & Anger Specialist

¿Quieres sentirte más activo y saludable?

¡No dejes que nada te detenga! Si quieres bajar de peso, contáctanos ahora mismo y verás los resultados en poco tiempo.

I help men and women like you resolve their outbursts and rage, saving their relationships, families, and careers.


I have also walked this path. My anger was intense from a young age.The episodes of anger were unpredictable, and I couldn’t control them. I felt like a monster hurting the people I loved the most.


I tried almost every therapy over several years, yet progress was slow. After almost ten years of various techniques, one day, I realized that my frequent blowing-ups were part of my past. I had taken off the weight I had been carrying for years and the pain I felt by making my family suffer from my behavior.


Since I completed my studies at the University of Santa Monica and later graduated as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, my goal was to find and work with the best therapy to resolve anger, so people would not have to spend years like me trying to overcome it.


Over the last few years, I have been fortunate enough to have helped numerous people leave their aggressive behavior behind and move forward, living healthier and more peacefully. I would love to help you too.


If you’re ready to finally put explosive anger behind you, call me to see if and how I can help you.


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